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Bid committee introduction

Bid committee introduction


The earth moving machinery standardization technical committee (hereinafter referred to as the "national earth moving machinery standard council") is approved by the national standardization management committee, the national standardization management committee commissioned China machinery industry federation of cross-sectoral national earth moving machinery professional standardization technical work of the organization, responsible for earthmoving machinery standardization technology in the field of professional and technical workers and establish contact with the corresponding international organization for standardization and communication activities, its function is to strengthen the macroscopic management of earthmoving machinery standardization in our country, give full play to the departments of production, scientific research, teaching and use experts, scholars and engineering technical personnel's enthusiasm, We will better implement the principles and policies of standardization, unify the requirements for making and revising standards, and promote technical progress in the earthmoving machinery industry.

The national committee for earthmoving machinery standardization shall, under the guidance of the relevant policies and guidelines of the state, put forward the working principles, policies and technical measures for standardization of earthmoving machinery to the national standardization administration and other relevant departments, and organize the formulation and revision of relevant national and industrial standards within the industry.

SAC/TC334 is the National Technical Committee 334 on earth-moving Machinery of Standardization Administration of China. The earth moving machinery standard council is responsible for including backhoe loader, bulldozer, dump truck, excavator, grader, horizontal directional drilling, backfill compaction machine, loader, crane machine, roller, scraper, ditching machine in areas such as standardization, counterpart earthmoving machinery international organization for standardization technical committee (ISO/TC 127), bear the international vote earth moving machinery technical standard work. The affiliated unit of the secretariat is tianjin engineering machinery research institute.

The national earthmoving machinery bid committee was established in 2008. The first working meeting of the committee was composed of 44 members. In 2015, the first bid committee was changed, and the second working meeting of all members was composed of 59 members. Through the adjustment of the second committee members in 2018, the current working meeting of the committee is composed of 74 members.

The earth moving machinery standardization committee-nanyang according to the national standardization management committee in accordance with the articles of association of the national professional standardization technical committee, set up the communication standardization of network member units, members with enterprise as the main body, including those from production, use, distribution enterprises and scientific research institution, supervision and inspection institutions, education agencies, government departments, industry associations (society), the consumer representative, certification bodies and other relevant aspects of the unit.

The national standard committee of earthmoving machinery has established close contact with standardization organizations and technical associations of earthmoving machinery in some countries, strengthened exchanges and cooperation, and made joint efforts to promote the domestic earthmoving machinery industry to the world.

National earthmoving machinery bid committee responsibilities

(1) to apply for or carry out standardization research projects in the field of earthmoving machinery, and timely submit policies, guidelines and technical measures for standardization in the field of earthmoving machinery to the competent authorities;

(2) to formulate the standard system of the professional field, and put forward project Suggestions for the formulation and revision of national and industrial standards in the professional field as well as project Suggestions for the award of standardization achievements according to the needs of all sectors of society;

(3) to carry out the formulation and revision of national and industrial standards (drafting of standards, soliciting opinions, technical examination and submission for approval, etc.) and review, as well as the translation and review of foreign versions of national standards;

(4) responsible for the domestic centralized management of ISO/TC127, undertaking or participating in the formulation and revision of international standards and actively participating in international standardization activities;

(5) to carry out standardization technical exchange activities with foreign countries, make a comparative analysis of domestic and foreign standards in this field, and track and study the development trend and work trends of international standardization in related fields;

(6) to publicize and implement national and industrial standards in the professional field, as well as the training of standard drafters;

(7) to undertake the interpretation of the earthmoving machinery standards that the bid committee focuses on;

(8) to carry out investigation, assessment and research and analysis of the implementation of the standards promulgated;

(9) to carry out standardization work in this professional field for the society. To accept the entrustment of provincial, municipal and enterprises, undertake the formulation, review, publicity, consultation and other technical services of local standards and enterprise standards in the professional field;

(10) to set up sub-technical committees under the administration;

To undertake other work assigned by the national standards commission.

Introduction to the work management mechanism of the national earthmoving machinery bid committee


Standard system for earthmoving machinery


Achievement award

Bid committee introduction
标准项目奖:2014年度中国机械工业科学技术奖二等奖(GB 25684-2010土方机械安全标准研究)
标准项目奖:2015年度中国机械工业科学技术奖二等奖(GB 16710-2010土方机械  噪声限值)
标准项目奖:2016年度中国机械工业科学技术奖三等奖(JB/T 2300-2011回转支承)
标准项目奖:2017年度中国机械工业科学技术奖三等奖(GB/T 19933土方机械  司机室环境)