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Bid committee introduction
About the secretariat

The earth moving machinery standardization technical committee secretariat (hereinafter referred to as the secretariat) is under the earth moving machinery standardization technical committee (hereinafter referred to as the standard council) permanent agencies, the secretariat by the standard council director committee member and secretary of leadership, responsible for handling the commission's daily work, and management standardization committee-nanyang seal. The secretariat shall be presided over by the secretary-general, and carry out the tasks of the secretariat specified in the resolutions of the bid committee and the articles of association of the national technical committee on earthmoving machinery of standardization administration of China.

The secretariat is composed of the secretary-general, the under-secretary-general and the staff. The secretariat is located in tianjin engineering machinery research institute.

Responsibilities of the secretariat:

• put forward the draft proposal and annual summary of the professional standard system, work plans, annual plans, programs and measures of the bid committee.

• according to various resolutions and work plans adopted by the bid committee, formulate specific implementation measures, check, master and coordinate the work progress of each working group and project responsible unit.

• organize the formulation and revision of national and industry standards of the specialty; To be responsible for the review, review, report, review and modification of the professional standards.

• responsible for the preparation, organization, preparation and distribution of documents for the meetings of the bid committee and the standards review meeting.

• responsible for the standard publicity, interpretation and technical consulting services of the bid committee, collecting, researching and analyzing problems in the implementation of the standard.

• responsible for the domestic centralized work of ISO/TC l27 earth moving machinery technical committee of the international organization for standardization, collecting, keeping, copying, distributing, translating and compiling relevant documents and soliciting opinions on draft standards according to relevant national regulations.

• liaison and technical coordination with other standardization or academic organizations.

• according to the archives management regulations, establish the management system of receiving and receiving, numbering, registration and filing of standard data, and be responsible for the management of documents, technical data and standards.

• responsible for the collection and financial management of bid committee and secretariat related activities.

• responsible for reporting the work of the bid committee and forwarding relevant documents of the superior.

• be responsible for putting forward to the bid committee opinions on commending and rewarding excellent standardization work achievements, collectives and individuals, as well as submitting Suggestions to relevant departments and reviewing the submission documents, and submitting them to the competent departments after being approved by the chairman.

• responsible for working relations with committee members and observer members, as well as the distribution of professional standard texts.

• as entrusted by the chairman and vice-chairmen, regularly report the progress and operation of the secretariat to the bid committee members and the leading departments.

• responsible for receiving and handling proposals and Suggestions from members.

• hold regular staff meetings to discuss and study the secretariat's implementation of the work arrangement arranged by the bid committee, check the plan and coordinate the work.

• as entrusted by the chairman, convene the working meetings of relevant personnel such as vice-chairmen from time to time.

• responsible for the editing, publishing and distribution of bid-sponsored publications (e.g., standard compilation of earthmoving machinery).