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Introduction of affiliated units of the secretariat

The affiliated unit of the secretariat of national technical committee on earthmoving machinery of standardization administration of China is tianjin engineering machinery research institute co., LTD.

Founded in 1961, tianjin engineering machinery research institute is the only national engineering machinery research institute in China. Tianjin engineering machinery research institute is located in tianjin beichen economic and technological development zone, covering an area of 230 mu. In 2017, it was officially renamed tianjin engineering machinery research institute co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "tiangong institute") through restructuring.


Tiangong institute is the technology development, test research, information standard and international technology exchange and training center of China's construction machinery industry. In 1993, it was evaluated by the state science and technology commission as one of the top 300 comprehensive scientific and technological strength and operational performance of national research institutes. National construction machinery productivity promotion center, construction machinery high-end hydraulic parts and hydraulic system industrialization collaborative work platform, construction machinery remanufacturing pilot units and construction machinery industry international technology exchange and training center are set up in the institute. At the same time, it also has the national technical committee of earthmoving machinery of standardization administration of China, the quality supervision and testing center of mechanical industrial engineering machinery and hydraulic parts (tianjin), and the magazine "engineering machinery". China construction machinery industry association excavation machinery branch, shovel transport machinery branch, auxiliary parts branch and academic work committee also attached to tiangong institute.

With comprehensive scientific and technological advantages in mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, instrument and computer, tiangong institute is mainly engaged in complete sets of earthwork construction machinery such as excavator, loader, bulldozer, scraper and grader. Paver, mixer, planer, suction sweeper, roller and other road construction machinery complete set of equipment; Bucket wheel excavator, transfer machine, scraper, belt machine, cable car and other large open pit equipment; Development, research and application of special military equipment, non-standard complete sets of equipment, process equipment, general basic parts and components, common process of basic technology and materials, and popularization and application of test results. In hydraulic, hydraulic, structural strength, fatigue vibration, abrasive wear, computer CAD, CAPP, electromechanical integration of professional technology in the domestic leading position. During the "sixth five", "seventh five", "eighth five" and "ninth five", the institute undertook more than 600 national key scientific research projects, 5 key military supporting projects, and won 110 national, provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards and 35 national patents. Among them, a national science and technology progress grand prize was gained, won the national scientific and technological progress second prize, 2 national science and technology progress third prize three, in addition to the engineering machinery and spare parts for products quality supervision and inspection work, the construction machinery industry for engineering and technology exchange, information both at home and abroad, the standard system revision, engineering machinery, industry events. Tiangong institute has a strong research and processing, trial production force, cold, hot processing complete, has been the scientific research achievements of our loader, stable soil mixing machine, through the well machine, torque converter, gearbox, welding transposer, bucket teeth, protection chain, instruments and other commercial to the market, for the service of users. In 2001, tiangong institute began to undertake the research and development of "863" high-tech project "cluster intelligent construction machinery". In 2003, he also undertook the research of "intelligent bulldozer suitable for special environment", a major project of science and technology ministry. Tiangong institute has been listed as the industrialization base of "863" plan in the tenth five-year plan, and has been awarded postdoctoral workstation by the ministry of personnel.

In recent years, tiangong institute mainly focuses on engineering machinery energy-saving technology, remanufacturing technology, information technology and hydraulic and transmission components, to carry out basic, common and high-end application technology research. In the construction machinery hydraulic, hydraulic transmission, electrical transmission and control, structural strength, material technology, testing technology and other aspects of the experimental research in the forefront of the country. Tiangong institute takes "market guidance to promote innovation, transformation and breakthrough for development" as the guiding ideology of scientific and technological work, and takes scientific and technological enterprises as the development orientation. While carrying out in-depth research on energy conservation, reliability, hybrid power, test and testing of construction machinery and other common technologies, the research on application technologies in emerging fields such as Internet data platform, environmental equipment, infinitely variable speed and robot vision should be strengthened. We will further improve the mechanism of scientific research and innovation, continue to invest in science and technology, and continue to make our due contribution to the rapid development of China's construction machinery industry.