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ISO/TC127/WG working group on international standa

Introduction to the ISO/TC127 international standards project working group (WG)

Introduction to the WG working group directly under ISO/TC 127

1 ISO/TC 127/AHG 02 "Consistent Application of ROPS and TOPS standards"

ROPS and TOPS: a consistent application of the standards working group

2 ISO/TC 127/CAG "Chairman's Advisory Group" Functions

Bureau advisory panel

3 ISO/TC 127/WG 08 "Sustainability" Functions

Working group on sustainable development

Introduction of WG working group under SC1~ SC4 subcommittee

SC1 Test methods relating to safety and machine performance

Subcommittee on "methods of testing for safety and machine performance" :

1 ISO/TC 127/SC 01/WG 05 "Joint SC 1-sc 2 WG; "Functions provides the Visibility (ISO 5006)

2 ISO/TC 127/SC 01/WG 06 "earth-moving machinery - Test methods for energy use" Functions

3 ISO/TC 127/SC 01/WG 08 "Joint ISO/TC 127/SC 1-iso /TC 110/SC 4 WG; "Functions on-road circulation design for rough-terrain variable-reach trucks"

4 ISO/TC 127/SC 01/WG 10 "Hydraulic excavator and backhoe loader lowering control device (Revision of ISO 8643)" Functions

ISO/TC 127/SC 01/WG 11 "Noise testing" Functions

6 ISO/TC 127/SC 01/WG 12 "Performance and noise tests for hydraulic breakers" Functions

7 ISO/TC 127/SC 01/WG 13 "Hazard detection systems and visual AIDS "Functions

8 ISO/TC 127/SC 01/WG 14 "Loaders and backhoe Loaders "Functions

SC2 Safety, ergonomics and general requirements

Subcommittee on safety, ergonomics and general requirements:

1 ISO/TC 127/SC 02/JWG 28 "Joint ISO/TC 127/SC 2-iso /TC 82-iso /TC 195 WG; A Collision awareness and avoidance"

ISO/TC 127/SC 02/WG 09 "Development of ISO 20474 (Sam TC 127 WG 5)" Functions

3 ISO/TC 127/SC 02/WG 12 "Joint ISO/TC 127/SC 2-iso /TC 108/SC 4 WG; Whole body vibration "Functions provides

4 ISO/TC 127/SC 02/WG 15 "earth-moving machinery - Fire prevention Functions"

5 ISO/TC 127/SC 02/WG 16 "Joint ISO/TC 127/SC 2-iso /TC 195 WG; Harmonization of EMC (ISO 13766) with EN 13309" Functions

6 ISO/TC 127/SC 02/WG 17 "tip-over protection structure (TOPS) for compact excavators - Laboratory tests and performance requirements" Functions

7 ISO/TC 127/SC 02/WG 20 "Falling object protective structures" Functions

8 ISO/TC 127/SC 02/WG 21 "Revision of ISO 5010" Functions

9 ISO/TC 127/SC 02/WG 22 "Joint ISO/TC 127/SC 2-iso /TC 82 WG; Autonomous machine safety Functions provides.

10 ISO/TC 127/SC 02/WG 23 "Joint ISO/TC 127/SC 2-iso /TC 108/SC 4 WG; Laboratory evaluation of operator seat vibration" Functions

11 ISO/TC 127/SC 02/WG 24 "Control system safety" Functions

12 ISO/TC 127/SC 02/WG 25 "Revision of ISO 16001, Hazard detection systems and visual AIDS "Functions

13 ISO/TC 127/SC 02/WG 26 "Operator controls" Functions

14 ISO/TC 127/SC 02/WG 27 "Compact tool carrier for interchangeable attachement and equipment" Functions

15 ISO/TC 127/SC 02/WG 29 "Skid steer loader couplers" Functions

16 ISO/TC 127/SC 02/WG 30 "Revision of 6683" Functions

SC3 Machine characteristics, electrical and electronic systems, operation and maintenance

Subtechnical committee on "machinery characteristics, electrical and electronic systems, operation and maintenance" :

17 ISO/TC 127/SC 03/JWG 11 "Joint ISO/TC 127/SC 3-iso /TC 110/SC 4 WG; Lighting, analog and marking Lights, and reflex-reflector devices" Functions

18 ISO/TC 127/SC 03/WG 04 "Lifting and tying-down devices" Functions

19 ISO/TC 127/SC 03/WG 05 "Worksite data exchange" Functions

ISO/TC 127/SC 03/WG 09 "Safety of electric drive and hybrid electronic components and systems" Functions

21 ISO/TC 127/SC 03/WG 12 "Revision of ISO 6405; Symbols for operator controls and other displays" Functions

22 ISO/TC 127/SC 03/WG 13 "Operator's Manual" Functions

ISO/TC 127/SC 03/WG 14 "Hour meters" Functions

24 ISO/TC 127/SC 03/WG 15 "Visual display of machine operation (Revision of ISO 6011)"

Terminology, commercial nomenclature, classification and ratings

Subtechnical committee on "terms, commercial specifications, classifications and specifications" :

1 ISO/TC 127/SC 04/WG 03 "Rollers and land-fill compactors (revision of ISO 8811)" Functions

2 ISO/TC 127/SC 04/WG 04 "Attachments for excavators" Functions