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2018 national earthmoving machinery bidding committee annual meeting and standard examination meetin

Issuing time:2018-11-25 12:00


The national technical committee on earthmoving machinery of standardization administration of China held the "2018 annual meeting of the national technical committee on earthmoving machinery of standardization administration of China" in Shanghai from November 23 to November 27, 2018. The meeting was presided over by jia xiaowen, a member of the bid committee and a member of the standard technology research institute of tianjin engineering machinery research institute co., LTD. A total of 113 members of the national earthmoving machinery bid committee, members of the communication committee and related representatives (including 51 members' representatives) attended the meeting.


 Zheng shanglong, chairman of the bid committee and deputy general manager of China state machinery heavy industry group co., LTD., delivered the opening speech. He reviews and summarizes the standard committee since it was founded in 2008, the main work fully affirmed the standard council a decade of achievements, fully affirmed the leading two ISO standards and for the first time to undertake the international standardization of ISO/TC 127 outstanding achievement, and points out that the committee will continue to strengthen the learning of new standardization law and implement, better use the law to regulate, guide and protect earth moving machinery standardization work. In the new era, the bid committee will continue to implement the concept of open development, promote products, equipment, technology and services to go global through standardization, actively and comprehensively participate in and lead the formulation of international standards, and improve China's voice and participation in the international standardization organization. We should actively promote standardization cooperation with countries and major trading countries along the "One Belt And One Road" belt and road, strengthen mutual recognition of standards with major trading countries (regions), promote China's standards to go global, promote China's manufacturing to go global, and promote China's earthmoving machinery to go global.


The main content of the meeting is as follows:

I. introduction to the current situation and development of construction machinery industry in 2018


Standard council secretary-general, tianjin academy of engineering machinery co., LTD., vice general manager of comrade hai-bo shang combined with the current international and domestic economic development environment and the risk of future face, is China construction machinery industry in 2018 is mainly enterprises' operation and engineering machinery product sales, dynamic factors to promote the development of shoveling transport machinery industry and the development trend in the Chinese construction machinery industry to introduce delegates to do the project. This paper introduces the development characteristics of construction machinery industry in China, and points out the main problems that the industry should pay attention to under the current economic environment. He stressed that during the 13th five-year plan period, China's construction machinery industry will be in a critical period of transformation and upgrading, and also face a major opportunity to implement the "made in China 2025" and "One Belt And One Road" strategies. To continuously improve the quality level and reliability of construction machinery, parts, improve the level of intelligence, digitalization; We will transform the growth model, accelerate the development of new drivers, and achieve sustained and sound development of the construction machinery industry.

China's earthmoving machinery standardization work of the recent situation and introduction


 Jia xiaowen, member of the bid committee and director of the standard technology research institute of tianjin engineering machinery research institute co., ltd. reported the main work of the bid committee in 2018 and the work plan in 2019 to the participants in detail. The 10th anniversary activities of the bid committee and related matters of the 2018 ISO/TC 127 annual meeting were reported. She works for earthmoving machinery standard system revision, earth moving machinery international standardization work, national standard committee and the ministry of all the work tasks, resolutions 2018 ISO/TC 127, declare earth moving machinery standard reward situation has carried on the detailed introduction, such as the standard council the direction of a period of work in the future are put forward opinions and Suggestions.


  Standard council secretariat Li Guangqing comrade standard council of new online official website (www.sactc334.com), the function and use of the delegates are introduced in detail, for the standard council members and communications applications to the web site provides technical guidance, as the committee that highlighted the standard council official web site earthwork machinery standard system revision work, ISO earthmoving machinery international standards work, information sharing and the role of the advisory services and other online platform.


Industry standardization and related business communication


(I) introduction to shandong lingong standardization work

Shandong lingong construction machinery co., LTD. Comrade zhang huaiting introduced the development of the company to the delegates, participated in the earthmoving machinery standardization work, and carried on the exchange and the sharing to the innovation development enterprise standardization work and so on work experience.

2. Introduction to shandong yuangen petrochemical standardization

Yuan junzhou of shandong yuangen petrochemical co., ltd. introduced the company's general situation, scientific research achievements and standardization work to the participants, and exchanged and Shared the company's market maintenance and other work experience.

(3) possibility and technology introduction of electric excavator

Hangzhou lanli electric technology co., LTD. He Shared with the participants the company's experience in working with electric excavators.

(iv) introduction to 2019 changsha international construction machinery exhibition

Zhang biao, executive secretary of China (changsha) international construction machinery exhibition, introduced the situation of changsha international construction machinery exhibition in 2019 to the participants.

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Iv. Examination of draft standards for earthmoving machinery

In accordance with the working plan and the agenda of the meeting on the preparation and revision of earthmoving machinery standards, the meeting reviewed the submissions of 6 recommended national standards and 10 recommended machinery industry standards. During the review of the standards and related topics, members and representatives fully expressed their views, reached consensus and reached a unified conclusion.

The meeting expressed thanks to shandong yuangen petrochemical co., ltd. and henan hongyuan wheel co., ltd. for their strong support! With the active efforts of the participants, the conference achieved a great success and met the expectations.

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