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• Investment in infrastructure construction drives the demand for construction machinery

Issuing time:2018-09-18 10:13

Construction on three rail transit lines will begin in the second city of yichang, hubei province, in the next two years

On July 5, hubei provincial government website released hubei comprehensive transportation railway civil aviation urban rail oil and gas pipeline part three-year work plan, in the part involving rail transit, the plan puts forward:

Sixteen projects will be built in 2018 with a total investment of about 276.3 billion yuan, with a planned investment of about 38.2 billion yuan. Among them, 8 projects including the first phase of wuhan rail transit line 7 were renewed, and 8 projects including wuhan rail transit line 12 were newly started, with a mileage of 366 km under construction. The first phase of wuhan rail transit line 7, zhifang line (line 27), south extension line of line 2 and east section of line 11 were completed, with four projects of 81 kilometers, and the operating mileage of wuhan rail transit reached 318 kilometers.

In 2019, 14 projects will be constructed with a total investment of about 258 billion yuan, and the planned investment will be 47.1 billion yuan. The first phase of wuhan rail transit line 10 and the first phase of yichang rail transit line 2 are under construction, with a mileage of 350 kilometers. Two projects of wuhan rail transit, caidian line and line 8 phase iii, have been completed with a total length of 21 kilometers, and the length of wuhan rail transit in operation has reached 339 kilometers.

In 2020, 16 projects will be built, with a total investment of 311.7 billion yuan, and an investment of 50.3 billion yuan will be completed. Among them, wuhan rail transit line 12 and other 12 projects and yichang rail transit line 2 phase 1 project were renewed, and construction of wuhan rail transit xingang line, line 21 phase 2, yichang rail transit line 1 phase 1 project and yichang rail transit line 3 phase 1 project were started, with a mileage of 391 kilometers under construction. Two projects of wuhan rail transit line 8, phase ii, and line 11, gedian section, were completed with a total length of 21 kilometers, and the length of wuhan rail transit in operation reached 360 kilometers.

Hebei province will invest 18 billion yuan to rebuild 20,000 kilometers of new rural roads

Recently, hebei provincial government office issued the deepening "four good rural road construction in hebei province three years action plan (2018-2020)", by the end of 2020, the full implementation of the rural highway in hebei province county's main body responsibility, establish overall responsibilities clear, manages concertedly, efficient operation of the rural highway management mechanism and financial capital leading, social forces to support the guarantee mechanism of funds, to build the urban and rural transportation service system, thus forming the integration of urban and rural traffic pattern, significantly enhance the level of rural highway service, build, manage and protect better, good operating the overall goal of the rural roads.

From 2018 to 2020, hebei province will rebuild 20,000 kilometers of new rural roads, carry out 5,600 kilometers of highway safety and life protection projects, build and upgrade 750 Bridges, and invest a total of 18 billion yuan in construction, of which about 8 billion yuan will be provided by the finance departments at or above the provincial level to subsidize the construction of rural roads. We will focus on upgrading and renovating "narrow subgrade pavements", eliminating "oil-sand-returning" pavements, gradually opening up "dead-end roads" and "bottleneck roads" in the road network, addressing potential safety hazards, and comprehensively improving the scale and quality of the rural highway network.

Jiangsu's railway investment will reach 477 billion yuan in the next 10 years

Jiangsu railway group co., ltd. was inaugurated at a meeting to promote railway development in the province in order to speed up the construction of high-speed rail. It is estimated that in the next 10 years, the total investment scale of the railway projects under construction and planned in jiangsu province will be about 477 billion yuan, among which the follow-up investment of the projects under construction will be about 77 billion yuan and the planned investment of the projects will be about 400 billion yuan.

With the deepening of the national railway construction system reform, from the "thirteenth five-year plan", jiangsu railway construction is mainly invested by the province. And those who assume this one heavy responsibility is group of railroad of newly established jiangsu province. Jiangsu province government has issued "notice about building railway group co., LTD., jiangsu province, according to the exploration for high-speed autonomous planning and construction model, by jiangsu province will now jiangsu railway investment development co., LTD. By way of capital into a railway group co., LTD., jiangsu province, on the basis of the original 7 billion yuan registered capital gradually increased to 120 billion yuan, according to the registered capital of 95 billion yuan in place soon.

With a total investment of about $111.7 billion, the seibu high-speed rail line is slated to start construction in 2019

Xiwu high-speed railway is a high-speed passenger line connecting jiangcheng wuhan and ancient capital xi 'an. It is composed of han-shiyan high-speed railway and shixi high-speed railway (wuhan-shiyan - xi 'an). It is a part of fuyin high-speed railway in the national medium and long term railway network planning. The total length of the high-speed railway line is 657 kilometers, including 399 kilometers from wuhan to shiyan with an investment of 52.75 billion yuan and 255 kilometers from shiyan to xi 'an with an investment of 59.028 billion yuan and a total investment of 111.7 billion yuan. Construction on the seibu high speed rail line is slated to begin in 2019.