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The 2018 Shanghai standard inspection meeting of the national earthmoving machinery bid committee wa

Issuing time:2018-11-25 12:01

According to the work plan for the preparation and revision of earthmoving machinery standards of the 2018 Shanghai standards review conference, the meeting reviewed the submitted manuscripts of 16 earthmoving machinery standards (6 national standards and 10 industrial standards).

In accordance with the requirements of the standard revision work, members of the bid committee and representatives of the meeting will be divided into three groups for discussion and review, and finally focus on the meeting of bid committee members for approval. Under the organization of the group leaders and deputy group leaders of each review group, the committee members and representatives fully expressed their opinions, discussed the draft standards in a serious and detailed manner, and basically reached a consensus. Finally, they unanimously passed the examination of 16 standards submitted for review.

标准审查一组组长 张怀亭.jpg          标准审查一组副组长 华胜利.jpg

Standard review group leader zhang huaiting       Hua shengli, deputy leader of the standards review group

标准审查一组 掠影.jpg

Standard review of a set of previews

标准审查二组组长 陈世清.jpg         标准审查二组副组长 杨永红.jpg

Standard review group leader Chen shiqing        Yang yonghong, deputy leader of the second group of standards review

标准审查二组 掠影.jpg

Standard review of two groups of previews

标准审查三组组长 程晓青.jpg  标准审查三组副组长 范翠玲.jpg

Standard review group leader cheng xiaoqing       Fan cuiling, deputy leader of the third group of standards review

标准审查三组 掠影.jpg

Standard review of three groups of previews

  With the active efforts of the participants, the conference achieved a great success and met the expectations. The meeting required the drafting working group to carefully revise, sort out and improve the standards according to the opinions reviewed at the meeting, and submit the standards for approval according to the prescribed procedures as soon as possible.