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• "Standardization +" leads the development of high quality

Issuing time:2018-09-18 10:47


Standard competition is a higher level of competition than brand competition. "The person who gets the standard gets the world", this sentence says the influence that the standard leads to hold the balance.

In recent years, suzhou has made innovations in mechanism and promoted the "standardization +" initiative in various fields. Cross-regional and cross-industry integration and cooperation, to create the country's first emerging industry standardization cooperation platform, for the local emerging industry key enterprises to participate in the standardization activities, build a high-level platform; To be one of the first batch of cities in China to carry out the standardization of comprehensive urban services, and to form a series of well-known public service and professional service standardization brands; The city's 1126 enterprises and institutions led or participated in the revision of various types of international standards, national standards, industry standards 3909, the number of leading the national......

The year 2018 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 19th CPC national congress and also the first year to fully implement standardization. To promote high-quality development, leading by high standards is the key. This year, suzhou will explore the implementation of standard gear upgrade project, new industry pacesetter new kinetic energy of the pilot project and the enterprise standard system, increase the personalized, high-end, supply high quality standards, advanced to the suzhou to build internationally competitive manufacturing base, global influence industry high science and technology innovation, the standardization of provide strong support. The government guided the planning of the "blueprint" for development, with nearly 200 million yuan of special funds invested


As suzhou electronic information industry standardization action starts, three years in the first half of last year, in view of the computer and peripheral equipment, the new type of flat-panel display, optical fiber cable, solar photovoltaic, integrated circuits, software, consumer electronics, and other areas of the seven major advantages tailored the suzhou electronic information industry standardization planning (2017-2020), "hundreds of electronic information in the key enterprises in the city" blossom everywhere, "known affectionately referred to as the" blueprint ".

Opened the "blueprint" and "dry" full 260 - page plan details: comb international, national and industry standards in the system and revising progress, making in all areas of standard system revision Suggestions table at the same time, improve the coordination promoting mechanism, strengthening financial support and expand the talent reserves, strengthen stable cross training, security planning and implementation, etc, given to the comprehensive deployment.


As one of the basic projects of quality development, in recent years, standardization strategy has become a key core element to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of advantageous traditional industries, and lead the development of emerging industries. In the process of promoting standardization development, suzhou has made all-round progress from strategic positioning, top-level design to incentive mechanism.

Since 2007, the suzhou municipal government has issued the opinions on the implementation of the technical standard strategy of suzhou and other documents, in which the technical standard strategy funds,

A number of supporting policies on talents, project construction and transformation of scientific and technological achievements have been introduced and improved in the implementation process. At the same time, a technical standard strategy joint meeting system led by the municipal government and attended by more than ten departments including quality supervision, development and reform, economy and information technology has been established. In view of many suzhou enterprises standardization work foundation, different levels of the situation, suzhou comprehensive implementation of the three-level classification guidance action. As of 2017, the city has invested nearly 200 million yuan in the promotion of standardization.

A benign pattern of market guidance, enterprise autonomy, government promotion and social participation has taken shape in suzhou.

Innovation mechanism "cross-border" collaboration, to create a solid backing for standardized services


On July 18 last year, "big names" in the field of electronic information technology gathered in suzhou international expo center for an industry grand meeting.

As one of the most influential professional BBS in the field of electronic information technology, the "2017 China (suzhou) new-generation information technology industry standardization BBS" jointly hosted by China institute of electronic technology standardization and suzhou quality supervision bureau has attracted much attention. Leading experts in various industries focus on the new generation of information technology hotspots such as information physical system, intelligent manufacturing, automotive electronics, smart city, electronic file management, precision medicine, and share the latest research results. At the event site, more than 400 key information technology enterprises from across the country and the industry "high participation" docking, for their own development of standardization needs to find a way out.


We should not only speak the "common language" of the industry well, but also strive to have the "right of speech" in the industry. How can local advantageous industries deeply participate in the standardization activities? Suzhou through cross-regional, cross-industry, cross-sector integration and collaboration, to create a solid backing for the enterprise standardized services.

In order to improve the core competitiveness of emerging industries, suzhou has established a collaborative mechanism of science and technology and standardization in the past two years. The quality supervision department works closely with the science and technology department to achieve three "priorities" : establish a fast channel for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and give priority to the establishment of projects with standard requirements in scientific and technological research and development and the formation of innovative achievements; In scientific and technological projects, priority shall be given to the research and development of international and national standards; We will give priority to scientific and technological funding for achievements in standardization.

In 2015, suzhou took the lead in establishing a standardization cooperation platform for emerging industries in China, and was listed as one of the ten key projects of innovative development by the municipal government last year. The platform further strengthens the in-depth communication and cooperation between the government, standardization technology institutions, scientific research institutes and emerging industrial enterprises by holding joint meetings and meetings of special projects. It has been in operation for two years and has been joined by 15 national professional standardization technical committees, many standardization research institutions and nearly 200 key enterprises in suzhou. Relying on this platform, more than 100 new industrial standards have been born.

At the same time, through the research and understanding of the social groups in the advantageous industries and the group standard requirements, suzhou organized the group standardized training and guidance. At present, the first group standard in the field of judicial notarization in China compiled by suzhou notary association and the group standard of robot cable series led by suzhou kebao company have been released.

Take a broad view of international strong enterprise system standard, and win more "supreme discourse power"


In the middle of December last year, the iec technical committee on electronic display devices held its annual meeting in Tokyo, Japan. More than 100 industry "big names" from many countries gathered here and witnessed five experts from China, Japan and South Korea win the "IEC1906 award", which is also one of the most important awards of the international organization for standardization in the field of electronics industry. Dang pengle, head of standardization at suzhou enterprise vicino, was the only Chinese technical expert to win the international award at the annual conference. Last year, among the 13 international standards for electronic display devices published by the technical committee of electronic display devices, the international standard for flexible display screens, which is led by vicino, is the only one formulated by Chinese enterprises.


Standards are the "sharps" in international economic activities, which are of great strategic significance for improving the international competitiveness of an enterprise, a city or even a country.

Since last year, suzhou has set its sights on the international market. In order to speed up the internationalization of suzhou standards, suzhou has given full play to its role as the main force in the international organization for standardization (iso). The reporter understands from standardization office of bureau of quality supervision of the city, suzhou has 5 companies such as goodbaby, sheng hong, bosideng, ke husi, ji hai to hold the position of secretariat of 6 international standardization technology organization.

At the same time, suzhou invites domestic counterparts of international standardization organizations such as China institute of electronic technology standardization and national nano-center of Chinese academy of sciences as "senior staff" to provide technical support for suzhou enterprises in proposing international standards, defense and standard development. At present, suzhou d cigna, Wu Tong communication, beavers, medical collaborative innovation research institute, Po the seiko, love crystal, chemical enterprises, under the guidance of related counterpart institutions, to develop international standards development work, among them, shagang group, d cigna, Wu Tong communication, love mond companies such as the dominant international standards have been published.

In addition, suzhou has also set up standardization promotion institutions in industrial organizations in advantageous fields such as associations and Chambers of commerce. With the idea of crowdfunding and sharing resources, suzhou has gathered talents and funds required by international standards and made efforts in clusters. Through the division of labor between the front and the back, the municipal enterprises have issued international standards in the fields of chemical fiber, clothing, robots, solar photovoltaic, ship container fasteners, new display devices, children's passenger cars, acupuncture needles, pesticides and chemicals.

Establish "rules" for urban management and public service to improve "sense of gain" through standardization


What cannot be said when the "12345" hotline is answered? The service type that accepts is different, reply way has what distinction... Suzhou 12345 has formulated detailed standards covering the whole process of service provision, quality control and service specification. Through three years of continuous improvement, the direct response rate and citizen satisfaction rate of suzhou "12345" platform hotline have been improved year by year. As a national service standardization pilot project, relevant standards also provide samples for the "12345" platform in other cities.

It is also a state-level standardization pilot project. In the industry of "virtual nursing home", the "suzhou model" created by gusu district home-based eldercare service center is well-known in China. The "virtual nursing home" service standard compiled by the center has as many as 115 items, and the service "rules" are adjusted according to the old people's acceptance habits, from how to knock on the door to how to stand when the service personnel wait to open the door.


The "sense of quality" of the masses is the "yardstick" of the standardization work. Suzhou has a large population and complex structure, and people have different needs for public services. Standardization has become an indispensable means to optimize urban functions and realize innovative development of public services.

In practicing a service-oriented government construction, and satisfy the public demand for high quality life, improve the level of city integrated service standardization, at the end of 2012, suzhou in the national urban comprehensive service standardization pilot work, lead the pilot range of public safety, public education, public cultural and sports service and so on nine big public service areas and tourism, finance, logistics, service outsourcing four modern professional services, lasted three years, including 60 project, there are 29 departments and 77 demonstration units involved. Through the pilot program, suzhou has established a relatively complete standard system in the field of public service, and the satisfaction of the public has been significantly improved. In the fields of judicial notarization, employment management, cultural service, and convenient service, suzhou has also formed a service brand with local characteristics and leading level in China. The public employment, "12345" convenient service, one-stop government affairs service, notarization legal service and other national and provincial social management and public service standardization pilot projects undertaken by suzhou passed the acceptance with high marks.

By further standardizing service behaviors and improving service quality, the service industry, social management and public service fields in suzhou will achieve all-round harmonious and healthy development.