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• Let market entities burst out new vitality - second half of the policy frequency to release positi

Issuing time:2018-09-26 17:02

Beijing, Sept. 13 (xinhua) -- let market players unleash new vitality - policies in the second half of the year will release new positive signals

Xinhua reporters zhao wenjun, yu qiongyuan and wu yu

Since the beginning of this year, in the face of a complex environment at home and abroad, while China's economy has been operating smoothly on the whole, it has also faced some new problems and challenges.

In order to better stabilize market expectations and boost confidence in the real economy, the CPC central committee and the state council have, since the second half of the year, made scientific plans and adopted precise measures to further reduce the burden on the whole society and ensure steady progress of the economy within an appropriate range.

China's real economy is moving forward with light travel

A tax rebate of 127 million yuan was handed out to shaanxi bidiao chemical co., LTD., a chemical company based in weinan, shaanxi province, which has helped companies recover from a severe shortage of cash flow. In addition, through the door-to-door service of tax personnel and the process of audit, all the tax credits will be received within 36 hours.

The ministry of finance and the state administration of taxation have announced that they will raise the VAT rebate rate on mechanical and electrical products and cultural products from September 15, in an effort to reduce the burden on enterprises.

The more we face risks and challenges, the more we need to stimulate market vitality by reducing burdens. Since July, tax cuts and fee reductions have become a "key word" of the executive meeting of the state council: real estate tax and urban land use tax exemption will be granted to enterprises whose production capacity has been cut or whose business structure has been adjusted, and tax exemption and exemption will be given to investment businesses related to social security fund and basic pension fund.

The policy of increasing the deductibility of research and development expenses to 75% was extended from small and medium-sized technology enterprises to all enterprises. By the end of September, we will have basically completed the 113 billion yuan of VAT rebates for advanced manufacturing and modern service industries that have been set aside.

In view of enterprises' concern about the change of social insurance premium collection policy to increase the burden, it is made clear that before the reform of social security collection institutions is put in place, all localities should maintain the existing collection policy unchanged, and at the same time, we should promptly study the appropriate reduction of social security premium rate to ensure that the overall burden of enterprises will not be increased...

A series of new measures and arrangements have released the resolve to ease the burden on the real economy and stabilize market expectations.

Not only that, although the newly revised individual income tax law will not be officially implemented until January 1 next year, but some of the tax cuts that people are most concerned about, such as raising the minimum personal income tax threshold to 5,000 yuan per month, will be implemented from October 1 to ensure that the dividends of tax cuts are released earlier. The ministry of finance forecasts that the law will cut taxes by roughly 320 billion yuan a year, reducing the proportion of urban taxpayers to 15 percent from 44 percent now.

The state administration of taxation according to the latest figures, this year on May 1, the implementation of value-added tax reform, the original applicable tax rate of 17%, 11% rate of construction, such as manufacturing transportation industry such as tax rate, by 1%, respectively, the tax cuts effect since June reporting period began to emerge, six to eight months accumulated tax 95.9 billion yuan.

In addition, from July, 18 advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, as well as power grid enterprises, began to receive VAT refunds, totaling 78.6 billion yuan from July to August. The two tax cuts totaled 174.5 billion yuan. From January to August, China's tax authorities handled 1005.2 billion yuan in export tax rebates, up 9.5 percent year-on-year. In August, 119.8 billion yuan of export tax rebates were issued, up 15.8 percent year-on-year, strongly supporting exports.

On this basis, in order to ensure better implementation of measures to reduce burdens, the state administration of taxation has recently introduced 10 hard measures to optimize the tax business environment, including expanding the scope of tax business environment pilot project and accelerating the construction of electronic tax bureau, so as to further create a stable, fair and transparent tax business environment.

In addition, let the capital continue to flow into small and micro enterprises

"This year's production of high-end bearings did not successfully enter the overseas market, not because the product is inferior to people, but because the enterprise capital turnover difficulties, production speed too slow missed the market opportunity. The words of li dongju, chairman of dalian dayu high-tech ceramics co., LTD.

Since the second half of the year, faced with difficulties and challenges in loan financing, credit debt issuance, equity pledge and other aspects of private enterprises and small and micro enterprises, the state has introduced a series of monetary and financial policies to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and the real economy

From the executive meeting of the state council on June 20, measures were deployed to further ease the financing difficulty and high cost of small and micro businesses, to the central bank's third targeted RRR cut this year, which released 200 billion yuan to support Banks to issue loans to small and micro businesses. Five departments joint mandate from the people's bank of article 23 small micro enterprise financing support measures are put forward, to the state council executive meeting on July 23, requires fiscal and monetary policy coordination force to promote the development of the real economy, to August 22, the state council executive meeting of the deployment of further easing small micro enterprise financing difficult financing expensive policy landing work...

Among them, in order to encourage the increase of loans to small and micro businesses, from September 1, solstice, by the end of 2020, the state council has made it clear that the loan interest income of eligible small and micro businesses and individual industrial and commercial households will be exempted from the VAT single account credit limit limit, from the previously determined 5 million yuan further increased to 10 million yuan.

"It is a policy innovation to reduce the financing costs of small and micro businesses through tax policies and give full play to the role of tax in regulating the economy. We will increase the size of credit lines from 1 million to 5 million and then to 10 million, so as to increase the bargaining power of small and medium-sized enterprises and signal lenders. Li cheng, a professor at the school of management at xiamen university.

The latest data from the people's bank of China on December 12 showed that RMB loans increased by 1.28 trillion yuan in August, 183.4 billion yuan more than the previous year, driven by a series of policies. Moreover, since the beginning of this year, the growth rate of private investment in China has remained above 8%, higher than the overall growth rate of investment.

"Sustained policy support is the main reason why private investment continues to improve." Yan pengcheng, head of the political research office of the national development and reform commission (NDRC) and a spokesman for the NDRC, said that the NDRC will introduce a series of new policies to address the problems of insecurity, high costs, reluctance, fear and uncertainty in private investment.

Put, build better development environment for the enterprise

A sound business environment and institutional barriers must be removed to boost business confidence.

Since November 10 this year, the first batch of more than 100 items of administrative approval for enterprises in China has been carried out. Cancel production licenses for 14 categories of industrial products, simplify approval procedures for reserved production licenses... At the executive meeting of the state council, which was held on September 12, a series of new measures were adopted to implement the reform of "decentralization, regulation and service", and greater efforts were made to solve the problem of "non-business access", so as to further reduce the burden on market players.

At present, the industry access, different ownership access, product access threshold is still high. In the second half of the year, we will continue to implement a series of policies aimed at improving market access and facilitating investment and entrepreneurship.

As proposed at the executive meeting of the state council on July 18, 17 administrative licenses and other matters, such as the establishment permit for pension institutions and the approval of foreign-invested road transport projects, will be cancelled. We will promptly release a new version of the negative list for market access, implement the commitment that all types of enterprises of all ownerships are treated equally, abolish regulations that impede fair competition in the market, and strictly investigate and punish infringement, counterfeiting and illegal fees.

Strike while the iron is hot. Recently, the state council inspection frequently out of the move, forcing the various "regulatory services" measures as soon as possible to take effect.

Just this week, the government of guangdong province announced lowering the cost of manufacturing enterprises in guangdong province several policies and measures to support the development of the real economy (revised edition) ", introduced the tax, social security, land, finance, electricity, transportation, 10 aspects, such as a total of 61 puts forward measures to decrease the cost of manufacturing enterprises, formed the guangdong "new ten" to promote the development of the real economy.

In the face of difficulties and pain points affecting the business people, only by doing more to streamline administration and delegate power can we break down the visible and intangible institutional barriers to private investment, energize the market, and increase the momentum of development.

Statistics from the state administration of market supervision show that the public's willingness to start businesses continued to soar in the second quarter, and business investment confidence was significantly boosted. From April to June, more than 600,000 new businesses were set up in each month, a record high, and 6.584 million new individual industrial and commercial households were set up, an increase of 13.4 percent.