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The annual new product release activity of tongli heavy industry is held grandly

Issuing time:2018-12-05 11:02



In order to adapt to the development trend of green mine construction, energy conservation, emission reduction and greening of products, tongli heavy industry took the opportunity to hold the annual new product release event themed "responding to the trend and environmental protection" in the ancient capital xianyang on December 4, 2018. Chief engineer mojunfa of tongli heavy industry, deputy general manager Yang jianyu, together with the leaders and staff representatives of major companies, as well as the representatives of customers and dealers from all over the country, attended the new product launch activities of tongli heavy industry's TLH series of new energy off-road wide dump trucks (TLH90B, TLH90C) and TLS series of sprinklers (TLS601, TLS401). The event was hosted by han shuiliang, head of the Marketing Department.

Yang Jianyao tongli heavy industries, deputy general manager in his speech to welcome everybody, he talked about as heavy industry since 2004 in the field of highway transportation, the past decade has been a steady development, always adhere to the "improve product value for customers" core values as the lead, attaches great importance to the assurance of product research and development trend, situation, actively change on industry trend, dare to innovation, pay attention to product quality, guarantee the customer benefit. The new products released today adopt advanced concepts and technologies at home and abroad, which will surely bring greater benefits to users and lead the healthy and green development of the industry.

Wang yong, deputy director of tongli heavy industry technology center, said that the two series of products released this time rely on the technology accumulation of tongli heavy industry for more than ten years, top-level design, scientific allocation of resources, to create products in line with the requirements of environmental protection, and comprehensively help the construction of green mines.

The guests, accompanied by the company's leaders and staff, had a close visit and felt the products. The r&d engineer of tongli heavy industry technology center made a detailed explanation on the r&d concept, performance characteristics and product advantages of the new products.



In the product demonstration link, through the new energy vehicle's start and the spot movement as well as sprinkler's function demonstration, enables the present personnel to have the intuitive feeling, by virtue of the remarkable performance and the outstanding performance lets the guests be full of praise.

During the technical communication, the r&d engineer comprehensively introduced the design concept and performance advantages of the whole product to everyone, and communicated with the on-site customer representatives. Everyone spoke enthusiastically and the site atmosphere was active.



The construction of green mines is a necessary development path for mining enterprises and a new industrial development mode of innovative resource conservation and recycling. It is the new way that mineral economy grows. Tongli heavy industry in the user demand research, on the basis of basic theory research, the design method of ascension, through to the policy, market analysis, design with great concentration, developed in conformity with the characteristics of mining technology, and satisfy the working condition of use models TLH90B, TLH90C, TLS601, TLS401, greatly satisfy the requirements of the current green mine construction, enrich the product series. The two TLH products on the market are highly targeted, with TL87 series off-highway wide body dump truck chassis and high versatility. TLH90B and TLH90C have obvious advantages in energy saving and emission reduction. Their mileage saving rate is more than 50%, and their hybrid fuel saving rate is more than 15%. TLS601 and TLS401 meet the function of dust suppression and suppression in the mining construction process, and can also be used for mining road maintenance, fire fighting engineering, landscaping and other operations. TL series off-highway wide body dump truck chassis is adopted in the product structure, with excellent performance and mature technology.

This new product launch event is a powerful action of tongli heavy industry to actively respond to the call of national green and environmental protection, and opens a new milestone in the non-road transportation industry. It is the perfect interpretation of the customer-centered innovation spirit of tongli heavy industry. Tongli heavy industry insists on the original intention of creating greater value for users, insists on being the leading supplier of engineering and transportation solutions and equipment in China, and leads the new journey of non-highway transportation driven by product innovation and green development!