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• huge change in XCMG: the emergence of "big guys"

Issuing time:2018-09-19 11:06



All kinds of phenomena show that XCMG is undergoing a change from inside to outside: the centralized downline of high-end products, the successive breakthrough of the international top market, the huge linkage within the group, the growing maturity of the senior management team, the constant strengthening of the enterprise cohesion...

This drastic, transformative change has even puzzled many in the industry, raising a host of questions: when did the change begin? What did XCMG do? How long will this change last? ......

Wang strode into the room and shook hands with reporters. Although he was sixty-four years old, he was hale and hearty, with bright eyes and a twinkle in his eye. Obviously, with the thaw and recovery of the whole construction machinery industry, XCMG has gradually come out of the trough and started to develop to a better and flatter side. As the leader of the company, wang min is less dignified and more vigorous than before.

Wang min's cheerful mood is not without reason. For more than a year, XCMG, like most companies in the industry, has seen its indicators climb steadily. In addition, some things are unique to XCMG. It is this "unique" that seems to make xugong and its domestic competitors gradually widen the gap, and this gap is still widening.

In April 2018, XCMG held a press conference that shocked the whole construction machinery industry, and the 700-ton hydraulic mining excavator, known as "the first excavator in China", rolled off the production line in honor. And it, will represent China's equipment manufacturing industry, in the global large excavator market, and international giants in a head-on battle.

"At 23.5 metres in length, the fuselage is close to the largest creature on the planet - the adult blue whale is 9.44 metres long - taller than a three-storey building and 9.09 metres wide. As an excavator, the bucket alone is 5 meters wide. According to the data, this bucket can be used to dig and lift more than 50 tons of materials.

This 700-ton hydraulic excavator is by no means simply "the largest tonnage in China". It is powered by two 1,700-horsepower electric motors, more than two type 99 battle tanks, and can carry up to 5,000 tons of material per hour.

Large complete sets of mining machinery sector has world high-end equipment industry "pearl on the crown," said, xugong, 700 tons of hydraulic excavator, large hydraulic excavator field in China for the first time the concentrated application of key core technology breakthrough, China has become the world after Germany, Japan, the United States, the fourth has more than 700 - ton hydraulic excavator design, development, manufacturing capacity of countries.

In October 2017, XCMG simultaneously launched more than 100 sets of construction and maintenance mechanical equipment in a press conference, covering 6 categories and 23 series, which set a record in the history of China's pavement machinery industry in terms of the number, type, scale and technical content of product launches. Among the numerous equipment, the most eye-catching one is the world's largest horsepower mining grader GR5505. As the first-generation product of the 5 series, it will become a pioneer for XCMG to break the monopoly of foreign brands in the field of road equipment and enter the high-end market. In the words of industry insiders, it is XCMG, even Chinese enterprises can really compete with foreign brands in the high-end market, with original intellectual property rights of "epochal" products, is a true sense of the standard of the high-end market, the level of leading work!

These are just two of XCMG's "highlight moments".

Look through the course of XCMG nearly two years, these news are really dense. Crane, excavator, roller, grader... Its subsidiaries are almost in full bloom. "The first hanging in the world", "the first digging in China"... A large number of high quality, high technology, large tonnage of high-end construction machinery products to

A "huddle" approach emerged in XCMG.

This is unusual. There are at least two caveats:

First of all, looking at the Chinese construction machinery industry in recent years, these achievements only appear in XCMG; Second, XCMG high-end equipment offline concentration, that is, the short time interval, amazing.

In a short period of time, an enterprise has continuously made significant breakthroughs in high-end projects that no other domestic practitioners have, which is not explained by the simple sentence "the enterprise ranks first in the industry".

At least, if the development goes on like this, the whole Chinese construction machinery industry may even be divided into echelons in this way: 1. XCMG; 2. Other enterprises.

When did XCMG's "one ride away from dust" start?

To be continued...